Siobhan was recommended by my osteopath to help reduce my back painThe first session was very encouraging, not least because she really listened. The questions Siobhan then asked were designed to check she had fully understood my symptoms and to  gain a view of the way the pain was reducing my ability to live my normal active life. At each session Siobhan carefully checked the effect of the last treatment and my current health. Her treatments have really improved my physical and mental recovery. My back pain is now minimal and I am active again. Siobhan is an excellent practitioner and does not suggest more treatments than necessary.  She is also very kind and empathetic.  I can thoroughly recommend her.” 

S, Driffield

“I went to see Siobhan for treatment for my psoriasis. At the time my skin had extensive plaques that had not responded to steroid treatment or UV therapy so I decided to try acupuncture as I was looking into more natural approaches to help my skin.  Siobhan was very knowledgeable about my condition and made me feel at ease straight away.  I started to see a difference within a couple of weeks of treatment and after 3 months my skin was totally clear of the plaques.  Alongside the treatment, Siobhan offered lifestyle advice that I adopted and this helped my condition further.  I would highly recommend Siobhan not only for the acupuncture treatment which is delivered professionally but also for the holistic approach to health that she offers which I believe conditions like psoriasis require.

L, Driffield


“I started having treatments with Siobhan because of a serious hormone imbalance which resulted in quite distressing mental and emotional problems each month. After being treated by my GP for a couple of years and the symptoms not easing, it was suggested I tried acupuncture and I began seeing Siobhan. It took a few treatments, but my highs and lows were becoming more manageable and more balanced – and now, a number of years later I still hardly have any monthly symptoms, and I am so much more in control of my life rather than my hormones controlling me. Aside from the treatments, just being in a room with Siobhan makes you feel better! She has an infectious personality with a kind and understanding manner; speaking to you in a way that puts you at ease straight away. I am so glad I found Siobhan – she has changed my life!” 

A, Nafferton


“I was recommended to see Siobhan by a family member as I had been suffering from tinnitus. The care, attention and professionalism shown to me has been excellent. There were quite a few laughs along the way too! My condition has improved vastly. I cannot speak highly enough of her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture. Thank you Siobhan.”

K, Driffield