We have many New Years as humans; an arbitrary ‘start’ to something that is ongoing… the passing of time. In marking these milestones, we have lost connection with the natural rhythm and cycle of life. January is in the depth of winter when nature has retreated and energy is conserved. It is a Yin time, a time of quiet contemplation and darkness. As humans we have unnaturally developed a huge Yang festival where excess is the accepted norm, followed by a time when we restrict our intake and push our bodies to perform more – yes, I’m talking about the diet and exercise resolutions that many people make at New Year.

If you have already failed or broken your resolution, it is not surprising – the depth of winter is not a time for big changes. As we are beings of energy who are part of the greater energy dynamic we call the universe, there is only so much we can manipulate in nature without coming a cropper. The first of January is one of those times… you are trying to manipulate nature to conform to a time measurement which nature does not recognise.

I have two pieces of advice for you:

  • If you intend to make this year the year you get healthy by making big diet and exercise changes – do it in Spring. This is the time when big surges in energy are responsible for the upthrust of plant life around you, and your body will respond alongside it.
  • Use the time at New Year to reflect on your choices to eat the way you do and move the way you do. Working out what drives you to unhealthy behaviour will help you make better choices in the spring.

Lastly, start where you are. Every moment is new; make the resolution to live each one well.